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Our Story

BudaBase has been a great leader in the creation of unique and trendy products from Both Asia and Europe since 2013. The company directors both started out of their passion for filling the gaps in the market as well as having contacts in the Far East to help with sourcing products. This zeal of theirs impelled them to do intense research and thus the BudaBase idea was born.

What We Do

Guided by our desire to fill the gaps in the market, we offer topnotch services which include;

  • Sourcing and creating unique high quality products in Asia and Europe.
  • Provision of trendy and contemporary products to satisfy various customer groups.
  • Provision of wide range of smart products to make life simple and easier, ranging from home to travel essentials, from beauty to kids, and lots more.
  • Offering services to help Companies source goods or selling their products in Asia. Distributing/wholesaling products to retailers, drop shipping services are available

Our Promises

We promise to give you the best of our services with a focus on new and unique products as well

as a highly welcoming customer service.

Should you have any questions, advice, or comments, never hesitate to contact us.