26pcs Alphabet A-Z Learning Kids Jigsaw Puzzle EVA Interlocking Playmats


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Product Description


Complete set of 26 alphabet mats. Nice bright colours, the letters can be removed, ideal for teaching letter recognition or playing spelling games with your children. 100% Water Resistant and easy to clean anti slip finish These mats have a very wide range of uses: 1. These soft cushioning mats are ideal for children to play on for the safety factor 2. Fully waterproof offering a wipe clean surface 3. Educational to help learn the alphabet and for spelling games. Ideal for use in kid’s bedrooms, all kinds of play areas and of course as they are waterproof ideal for use outside to create a comfortable play area.

Colour combination, pattern and edge design may vary


  • Soft, Safe, Waterproof, Easy to Clean
  • Makes a great playmat
  • Pop Out Letters, help children learn letters
  • Fully compliant with EN71 (Note colours and Font type may vary to the image shown)
  • Suitable For Children 3 years of age and upwards
  • Material: Non Toxic EVA Foam
  • Colour: Multi Coloured
  • Sizes: 32.5cmx32.5cmx1.0 cm Each Piece Approx.
  • 26 Pieces
  • Brand New


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